Garage door openers

We offer garage door openers from reliable manufacturers such as Liftmaster and Advantage who produce high end products.The most important decision in choosing a garage door opener is the drivetype: Chain, belt, or Screw Drive.

LiftMaster MyQ System

LiftMasters MyQ™ technology enables you to close your garage door or turn lights on or off using a smartphone or computer – from anywhere in the world.

Chain drive door openers:

Chain drive door openers are the most common type of door opener and provide years of reliable service.  We offer chain drive door openers that can open any size door from the heaviest wood door to the new lightweight steel doors.  All chain drive garage door openers are made with the latest technology to operate quietly even when opening the heaviest doors.

An 8360 Chain Drive Opener from LiftMaster

Belt drive door openers:

Belt drive door openers are the quietest on the market.  Models such as the LiftMaster 8550 and 3280 provide powerful yet quiet lifting with a smooth operation.

An 8550Elite Series® DC Battery Backup Belt Drive from LiftMaster, top notch stuff!

Screw drive door openers:

Screw drive door openers provide years of service without maintenance.  No chain that requires lubrication or belt to replace make screw drive door openers a worry free investment.  All screw drive models are made of solid steel to resist wear and tear.

A 3240 Screw Drive Opener from LiftMaster

For more information to choose the door opener that best matches your needs please contact our service department at 415-387-3258.